UNSTOPPABLE tells the thrilling and emotional story of teenagers who share one dream: becoming the Paralympic stars of 2020.

UNSTOPPABLE is a new docutainment series  - starring six young, ambitious athletes on a unique and gripping journey. In 8 half-hour episodes, we share in the hopes and dreams, drawbacks and resurrections of a group of exceptional human beings: How they fight and sometimes lose, but never give up.
Six rookie athletes reaching for the stars as they set their goals for the season - will they fail or will they succeed?  Caligari Entertainment has traveled the world with the future champions, accompanying them in their everyday lives,
training and major competitions.

For some, it’s more than just one dream come true… Whether a training with an Olympic champion or a surprising encounter with your biggest idol, basketball-superstar Dirk Nowitzki.


Genre: Family Entertainment

Format: Dokutainment-Series 8 x 25 min.

Producer: Gabriele M. Walther

in cooperation with ZDF, ORF und SRF

First broadcasting: 22.01.2018 on KiKA

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